Painting and Packing…

I have had a relaxing day off! YAY

And while I did sleep til after lunchtime- obviously well needed- it’s not like I didn’t achieve anything.  Husband and I are working together transforming my old toy chest, and having finally applied the third and final coat of white, we finally got to start adding COLOUR!  Having had a lovely time in Bunning’s last weekend choosing and watching the colours get mixed, I finally had to strategise about which colour is going on which side of the box.

In between coats of paint, I decided to make a start packing in the study.  While I’ve filled 6 boxes, plus sent a heap of stuff to the op shop, it still looks like a disaster area and is a total mess!!  Walking the very fine line between knowing what I’m going to need or not need in the coming weeks is hard- so if you walked into the house you basically can’t tell we’re moving.  But spare rooms are beginning to grow piles of boxes, and we have sorted through LOTS of stuff that has headed to new homes.

The other challenge at the moment it that we don’t know where or when we are moving. We know we are, and we know it will be soon, but the significant details for the other end of this adventure are totally unknown.  I suspect some downsizing will be involved, so I’m trying hard to get rid of stuff, but who knows what we might need, and whether what we have will fit…

No matter what the up’s and down’s of what is going to be; the most fundamental thing I know right now is this: I cannot pack the toys and games away until I finish painting the toybox!!


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Uniting Church Minister; Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunty; generally geeky nerd; Harry Potter fan; Collingwood supporter; singer and music lover; lifelong student; have too many TV addictions; unhealthy love of pink!!
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