I’ve been meaning to get back on here for ages, but have finally done it.

When moving through a transitional time, documenting it in some form is a good thing.  Not that I know where or when to start, but it seems a helpful and healthy thing for me to do.  Hopefully in the coming weeks, I’ll catch up on where I’m at, and begin exploring what might be…

Over Christmas, my brother introduced us to a card game called FLUXX- a game where the rules constantly change.  Once you get the hang of it, its not too bad, but initially being in that state of flux was very unnerving.  But that seems to be also true of life- for the past few months, life has been in a constant state of flux, which I found draining and horrible, but somehow I’ve adapted too slightly.  It’s not ideal, by any stretch, but it is possible to cope.  That being said, NOT being in flux would be great, even if just for five minutes.


About Singinsuse

Uniting Church Minister; Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunty; generally geeky nerd; Harry Potter fan; Collingwood supporter; singer and music lover; lifelong student; have too many TV addictions; unhealthy love of pink!!
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